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Internship New York City

New York City is the perfect destination for an internship or traineeship abroad. The city that never sleeps gives endless opportunities and hosts a wide variety of companies and NGO’s. Besides offering a great time, it will also help you to develop your skills and boost your resume’s value!

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Nikki tells about her internship in NYC

More stories from our students telling about their internship experience in New York City, can be found here: IO New York student testimonials

Testimonials - IO New York

Internship New York

Lisa - Internship Nudie Jeans - J-1 visa request: "I had to organise my visa within 8 weeks. I heard from many other people it would take much longer than that. After comparing agencies, IO New York came out as the number one for me. After my application was made, IO New York contacted me very soon. And this continued during my application. I could always ask them anything and receive an answer within a few days and sometimes within a few hours, or minutes! They helped me a lot and I want to thank them for their great service!”

Internship New York City

Nikki, TIO University E-commerce: "My dream has become a reality! I'm conducting my internship in downtown New York City. I have great colleagues and the work I have to do is very interesting. It matches with my University’s background, which allows me to learn even more. I’m staying in a great student hotel on ‘The Upper West Side’ in New York. I have met many great people during my internship and quite a few parties!”

Internship New York City

Phil, Business Administration - Rotterdam University: "the service from IO New York was great and helped me a lot. I started late with my application but this was not a problem for IO New York as they contacted companies right away. I now have an inter nship at a M&A Advisor in NYC! Also, their response to my emails was always top notch and fast! I could ask anything and I was assured I was in good hands."

Internship New York City

Romy, Hotel & Event Management - TIO: University "Thanks to IO New York I’m safe and sounds with an internship in Manhattan NY. I am having the time of my life! Friendly colleagues, supervisor and most of all many interesting projects. I have enough time to explore the city and it’s simply amazing! It is even better than expected! IO New York, thank you!" "

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"Proud Member of the Dutch American Chamber of Commerce"~ IO New York / IO USA"

Internship in The United States

IO New York offers opportunities in several cities throughout the United States. A big advantage of working with IO New York is that students get to choose where they work and don’t need to pay a deposit This way students can get in contact with internship offering companies’ to conduct interviews. They can then either decide to enroll the program or cancel their application. This way students can be ensured that they will only intern at a company or NGO that fully meets their requirements.

"Internship experience is the key to putting yourself ahead of the competition. To a prospective employer, prior employment experience illustrates initiative on the part of a student, a sense of career direction, and confirms that he or she has been exposed to work in an office environment." ~ Gina Vaglia, Towers Watson"

Internship United States
The United States is the perfect destination for your internship abroad. Besides the English languages, cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco offer great opportunities for international students looking for an internship in the US. Besides a Once In A Lifetime Experience, an internship in the US also allows you to develop your personal skills and to boost your cv at the same time . Unfortunately, organising an internship in The United States can be challenging. It takes time and the right skills to land an internship in one of the major cities in the US. Luckily, an organisation like IO New York will make sure you application runs as smoothly as possible. With our experience with placing over a thousand international students for an internship in the US and our huge database with listed company we can place almost all our candidates for an suitable internship.
If you are looking for an internship in other cities than New York, please visit the website from IO USA - Internships United States. IO USA offers internships and traineeships in Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco including Silicon Valley!

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Interhip in New York City

Internship New York City Do you imagine a morning walk to the office with a fresh bagel and coffee on your way to an office in a NYC skyscraper? Then apply to organise your internship at IO New York now.

New York City, the City that never sleeps and therefore also called the capital of the world. It is a very lively city and there is always something to do. The city is full of energy and there is an unique atmosphere in NYC which only the people who have been there understand. After work there are many parties and after work gatherings. The metro runs 24/7 which allows to go anywhere at any time.
New York City or another major city in the United States is the perfect destination for an international internship or traineeship. Besides a wonderful experience you will get the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and to boost your cv at the same time. On top of that, conducting an internship in New York City is a great opportunity to perfect your English level and gain international work and social experience.
Please understand that internship opportunities in New York City are very popular by both national and foreign students. Therefor most vacancies are unpaid, yet we do have a lot of internship vacancies that offer stipend and remuneration, but your skills and work experience are important to obtain those internships. So please make sure that you start organizing well in advance in order to secure your placements in the United States. Also keep in mind that applying for the required J-1 exchange visa normally takes a minimum of 6 weeks.

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