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Once IO New York organized the internship for you and the application process for the J1 visa has kick started, the next step would be to find a suitable student accommodation that welcomes international students in order to make your overall experience one that you will cherish forever.

At IO New York, we strongly believe that finding a good accommodation is as important as placing a good internship. After a long, productive day at the office, you truly deserve do come back to a warm home, not just a house.

In New York City, you have a variety of accommodation options to choose from. The prices are equally varied, too. Don’t be bummed out with a few rooms priced at a whooping 1500 USD per month; it ain’t like it’s impossible to find anything below 1000 USD. A few options we believe would come of some use are:

1. Student Complex.
Student Complexes are fairly common in NYC and one could find several of them with some of them accounting to have over 140 rooms. Most rooms are single stay rooms with common facilities shared by other students. The price of a room in a student house is normally from 900, - Euro per month up to 1400, - Euro. Living in a student complex or hotel is usually the best option because you meet many other international students during your internship.

2. Single room.
Single rooms are your next option. This can be done in several areas, each of which differs vastly in price. The cost for a single room in New York City is from 700, - Euro.

3. Share a room.
This is probably the best way to cut down costs. Websites that offer student houses or room networks, sometimes also feature shared dorms and apartments.

4. A room or studio outside of New York City.
You can also live outside the city, as in Jersey City, for example. Not only would the rent be lesser in these areas, but also necessities like shopping and the like would be more budget friendly.

IO New York has many contacts with student houses, mediators and real estate agencies in New York City. We have also collaborated with student housing complexes for the same. Therefore, we’d love to advise you on choosing the right accommodation for your internship in New York.

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