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Problems when requesting the J-1 exchange visa for your internship or traineeship in the U.S.

Obstacles Since the J-1 visa application is a secure and lengthy process there are quite a few obstacles. By making yourselves familiar with these obstacles you can prevent delay in the J-1 visa application process.

1. Your hosting company is not allowed to host interns or trainees from abroad.
Finally you have organized yourself an internship in the United States. And when you try you apply for your internship visa, you might find out that: your hosting company does not meets the requirements for hosting companies designed by the U.S. Department of State. And therefore your hosting company is not allowed to host international interns / trainees. This means you will not be able to conduct an internship at the this company.

2. Your hosting company is not familiar with the J-1 exchange visa.
When companies in the United States are not familiar with the J-1 visa and the application process, it often happens that they take too long to submit the required documents and your application gets delayed. Little problems that may occur:
- The required documents are not filled in correctly and it takes a while before this is done the right way.
- The required documents are not signed by the right people or not are not signed at all
- Companies get overwhelmed with the required paperwork and do not know how to make a proper trainings plan that meets the requirements from the U.S. Department of State.

3. Submitted the required documents takes too long.
It happens often that both the participant as the hosting companies takes too long with submitting the required documents. Often they also don’t fully realize that the participants also need to make an appointment at the U.S. Consular to apply for his/her J-1 visa.

4. students get delayed (and already booked their ticket).
It's very important to know and to understand that the U.S. consular does not care if you get delayed with your internship start date. They want to make sure that the visa application is done according the regulations and students that are dealing with deadlines is not a problem of the U.S. consular / State Department. In other words: it's your own responsibility to start on time with your visa application and to make sure you have the right documents. The U.S. government gives all the required information, documents and services you need. But when you are running out of time it is not their responsibility.
Since the visa application can be a bit difficult to organise when you are doing this for this first time and without help from an organisation such as IO New York, it may occur that you get delayed with your visa application process. Especially when you and your hosting company has no experience with the J-1 visa application. If you have you bought your ticket already and you get won't be able to get your visa on time, you will have to cancel your flight to the United States. So, please do not buy your flight ticket before you have received your J-1 visa or approval from IO New York.

Maybe this all sounds a bit demotivating but we just want and need you to understand that it’s very important that you are pro-active during your visa application and we are here to assist and help you with this process. IO New York has a lot of experience requesting the J-1 visa and so do the Sponsor Organisations we work with. And don’t forget: the visa application is always the least fun part of organizing and conducting an internship or traineeship abroad and that your internship or traineeships in the United States will enrich you in many ways, and going through this process is more than worth it! If you have any questions regarding the visa application or your internship / traineeship in the United States, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help!

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